My name is Amanda, I am a black owned business Salon owner. I have a salon based in East London which I've been running since 2014.

Our Goal is to transition every women from mediocre working class women to a "HIGH VALUE WOMEN". We achieve by rendering and supplying luxury hair services, products and experience.

Our MOTTO is to make every single Queen "look and feel good". 

I am a self taught professional hairstylist whom started doing hair at the age of 8 years old. I have always been passionate about doing hair from when I realised I constantly wanted to plait anything with strands, from doll heads, to floor mops, to scarves. My 1st client was my older sister's friend who requested lower back box braids at the age of 9 years old. This talent is a gift from God which was then lead to being frustrated with the dissatisfaction of the hairstyles my older sisters did for me at the time. I always wanted wild colours and extreme lengths that wasn't fit for my age, this drove me to teaching myself how to do my own hair more time without a mirror, as there were too many women in my family and not enough mirrors. I started doing hair for the women in my family and then moved on to making money in secondary school rendering hair services to girls and boys. Being a hairstylist was never something I iniatially wanted to be, I hated standing for too long and suffered from anaemia at the time. In 2014 I was made redundant from the corporate world and was left with no choice but go into what I knew best which was hair. I never studied for the craft but I always passionate and researched on the latest styles, practiced and kept up with the trends. I went to work at a hair salon as junior stylist, my work was so immaculate that I was immediately promoted to Salon Manager and then finally to Senior Stylist within 4 months. My client base expanded and I moved to another hair studio to resume my role as Senior Stylist. I then realised that I no longer wanted to work for anyone so I begun freelancing by renting the chair at the studio I was working at as I wanted to be my own boss. I freelanced for 3 years from South to North to East London, I even worked from home when I lived in Tilbury but that was extremely challenging. I was proposed to by my previous landlord to take the space I currently own that is now known as TLC_STUDIO. The space was giving to me as a blessing and I has been my baby from February 2018 to Present.

I am a professional hairstylist specialising in all things hair. I offer a variety of services, I am well known for my painless and neat services making sure that my client receive the ultimate luxurious experience. Not only am I self taught, but my passion for hair is so innovative and being able to keep up with the latest trends. Creating and providing hairstyles and services to be flaunted by woman of all ethnic backgrounds.

We are your one stop shop for everything luxury hair: services, extensions, wefts/bundles, wigs & aftercare.